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StageCoach Productions, Inc. is a Non-for- Profit organization started for the benefit of mentoring at risk youth ages 10-21.  Our organization is dedicated to honoring the legends of Americas western frontier. Some of these legends include Geronimo, the Buffalo Soldiers,  Stagecoach Mary, Wyatt Earp and many other, such as Tuskegee Airmen.

StageCoach Productions, Inc. was formed as an idea from the CEO, President Tommy O. Penson Jr. Being a Buffalo Soldier, Tommy and Dornetha have taken their love of children and horses, and have combined the two passions to better our youth in Northwest Indianan and the Chicago areas.

As a Non-for-Profit organization, we want to provide the ability for our youth to grow and mature in the programs available.  Our hope is that they too will give back to their community later in life.

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